From beginner to black belt...

Burnley Jujitsu The system of progressing in Jujitsu is through the various gradings represented by coloured belts. These belts provide milestones that students can use to quantify their progress as they work towards mastering the art. Progression all depends on the individual, but students that spend more time training and honing their skills will be rewarded with a faster progression through the Jujitsu belts.


Life skills developed through Jujitsu include

Our mission is to provide good quality self-defence teaching for all ages and abilities in a safe, friendly environment. At Burnley Jujitsu you will learn to defend yourself, improve your fitness, increase your confidence, and most importantly have fun doing so.

Self defence


Self discipline

Strength of character



Learning Jujitsu goes beyond simply mastering a martial art. At Burnley Jujitsu we aim to encourage development of life skills such as

Why choose Jujitsu?

Jujitsu spans across a

broad range of different skills

and techniques. At Burnley Jujitsu

you will learn skills not only in

punching, kicking and throwing,

but also in joint locks, groundwork

and weapon use, preparing

you for any given situation without

relying on strength or weight